Samsung: Vacuum Double Billboard

I just came across this double bill board advert for Samsung’s Vacuum cleaner with the strap line “Imagine surprisingly strong suction power.” using a fake advert next to it to make more of an impression. I especially love when they do this next to real adverts

samsung vacuum1

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4 thoughts on “Samsung: Vacuum Double Billboard

  1. I love your blog! I really appreciate the ads you find and share. I’d like to ask your opinion on a new video ad my team put together. Feel free to dissect it and let me know what you think. You can view the ad on Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    1. Thanks, the advert made me go eurggh but laugh too so that’s a good thing 😛 I really liked it! The only thing I could say that could be changed is right at the beginning when he walks onto camera then runs away, I was like “why?” at first until I realised, he might have been better coming from the other side of the frame running past him or just setting off running from next to him if you get me? But that’s just my opinion 🙂 I’m glad you like my blog enough to ask!

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