LG: Meteor Prank

LG love pulling pranks on people, we’ve seen them do it before with their “So Real, It’s Scary!” elevator prank which you can view here if you haven’t watched the humerus prank before: LG: So Real It’s Scary. This time they’re using a job interview setting, using their worlds first 84 inch ultra HD TV, and it’s set in Spain. Using the massive TV as a “window” behind the interviewer, unsuspecting interviewees were brought in, with the “window” showing the city view from the high rise building. Half way through their questions, a meteor starts to appear on the TV causing some great reactions from the people. Throwing chairs, shouting, it’s quite an experience for them and a hilarious one for us and the reactions don’t stop there carrying on even after they’re told it’s a prank. What would you do if you saw the meteor? I think I’d be frozen to my chair!


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4 thoughts on “LG: Meteor Prank

  1. Reblogged this on Foiled For Freshness and commented:
    Hilarious! When I saw this, I thought..mehhhh, scamm. But looking at the reaction from those victims. I’d say this really did work. Or It might be really good acting. With all that said. The setup, and 3D senses that was stimulated using vibrations, darkness, etc. Great planning and execution for a prank.

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