Ford: Looking for Champions

“We are looking for the next champion. We placed a Cup in the middle of the street and challenge people to try and lift it. But there was a catch…

Watch what happened in this initiative by Ford, Official Sponsor of the UEFA Champions League in association with Escolinha do Figo.”

It’s not often you see one for the kids so well done to Ford for bringing them into this one! It’s very much a “sword in the stone” experience with this campaign, and it definitely needed to be a strong electromagnet to hold it down as the adults were definitely using all their strength! A great experience, and surprise for the kids which will definitely give them something to tell their friends at school! I can imagine the adults getting frustrated at the kids ability to lift the cup up too after what they tried!

My only nit pick on this is that it’s for the boys, girls like playing football too (well, I don’t but some do!) so they could have done a competition for the girls too to help he girls football get going too.


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