LG: Bathroom Prank

I’m beginning to see a theme with LG’s campaigns! This is older than the meteor prank that I must have missed before. This time their aim was to see if they could give men stage fright in the bathroom, that’s right they wanted to stop them peeing! I’m not sure this one works as well as the others, to me it’s quite obvious there isn’t anything on the other side of the wall never mind a room of women, I think partly because the screens are in a box stuck on the wall rather than being flush on the wall like the others have been, though you cant cut a hole in the wall either so can’t win! What do you think? Does it work as well?

Not really sure it’s bad enough to be put under bad ads so I’ll put it under good ads.

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6 thoughts on “LG: Bathroom Prank

  1. I’m kind of creeped out they would do that. I’d find it more to be something staged as how could they legally do this in a real public bathroom and put it online without problems?

    1. They seem to have a random mix of pranks that some look real and others look staged, I think the comet one looks more real than any of them, otherwise they obviously needed to hire those actors for the rest to make them feel more real. They bring a bit of humour to the advertising world which I like, but I do like it more when they’re real! Your post is great btw I think I shall be following!

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