Frightening October: Elevator & Theatre

I’m beginning to get the feeling I just like watching people be scared by things! These two ads come from Sao Paulo, Brazil to promote Frightening October 3, which I presume is some horror show on tv of film, it doesn’t really specify. I like the originality of the elevator ad, they went for something a bit more unusual than the old falling elevator thing or someone jumping out at them. The second I like too but feel they could have gone further, maybe had some zombies sneak into the theatre and walking up the aisles in the dark at people?

5 thoughts on “Frightening October: Elevator & Theatre

  1. I think the first one was pretty unique, and I’m sure those people will remember that experience for a long time (ultimate goal for advertisers!). The second one, though, I think went a bit too far. It doesn’t mention this in the video, but I hope they did that in a theater that was going to show a horror film, because it would be really tasteless to do that for any other type of movie when people would be caught so off guard.

    Also, I know that this was in Brazil and not the States, but the first thing I thought of was the theater shootings. I could imagine chaos erupting and things going from frightening to disastrous in a matter of seconds if people genuinely thought they were being threatened when they heard chainsaws and screaming. But maybe Brazilians have a different perception of these kinds of “interactive” ads.

    1. We may never know unfortunately! Thanks for commenting it’s always interesting to hear other peoples view points, especially ways I wouldn’t have even thought of! They will most likely done it in a horror film showing otherwise they’re not aiming at their target audience, but I see your point about the shootings and such. I have seen one where they did a bit of a warning before they did something like this – but they didnt put it in the video they put online of it, it was only because of an image I saw I know they did, hopefully they did it here!

  2. JEEPERS! I thought the first was good. The second was way more interpersonal and engaging. It would’ve been interesting to see some of these guys sitting between movie goers at the theatre. Have the guy’s face pop up then … the guys tap their neighbours. Shrieks ensue. Haha.

    1. Haha a good mixture of the two that would have been! It’d have been good to somehow hide zombies in between the people lol like they were normal people before it went dark then when the ad came on they had turned to zombies!

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