West Jet: Christmas Miracle, Real Time Giving

This is awesome and if you don’t feel remotely festive yet this will make you! It did for me! West Jet are an airline who decided to grant people their christmas wishes, with a bit of digital magic. A bit like the SNCF adverts I recently posted about they give flyers a real-time meeting with Santa via video link. Scanning their boarding pass allows Santa to know the kids names, and Santa proceeds to have a good old chat with the kids and the family, asking what they want for Christmas. One boy wanted a “choo-choo train” and another grown up man wanted pants and socks! The things people ask for! Once everyone had had a go, some West Jet elves, in the airport the customers flight was due to land at ran (literally) to the shops and bought, yes BOUGH ALL THE ITEMS the people had asked Santa for! I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it haha. They then wrapped all of the gifts and released them out onto the luggage carousel for the flight when the passengers arrived! This is way better than spending money on TV ads and annoying web adverts, and it is possibly cheaper too! Honestly a great good-feeling advert for the airline!

18 thoughts on “West Jet: Christmas Miracle, Real Time Giving

  1. And the views on this video are amazing! I’ve been checking it regularly since I wrote about it on Tuesday and it’s already at almost 13 million views. They only put it out on Sunday, December 8. I would say it’s a great example of both making customers happy and brand advertising.

  2. Reblogged this on talktodiana and commented:
    Most of us Calgarians have seen this Christmas miracle created by West Jet employees here in Calgary. I want to make sure my non-Canadian blogging community also gets a chance! If you ask me, their money spent to do this is way more meaningful than any cheesy commercial they might have created. If you need some Christmas spirit, get your kleenex out and watch this!

  3. Love this! Bigger companies are the ones who can afford to do this for customers, the loyal ones. Thus, so much emphasis on sifting / filtering with loyalty programs to see who shows with actions that they care about their customers. If only more did this to jumpstart the holiday spirit.

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