Coca Cola: Open Happiness Gifts

I don’t know about you but I had a good Christmas and New Years! I am kind of glad its all over now though! What with being so busy I have missed some great ads over the Christmas period so I shall have to upload them now! First up is Coca Cola with one of their Open Happiness ads, this time utilising a print medium for once! But obviously in an innovative way. Instead of just having a boring old poster there, they decided to give away what is, in my opinion, the best wrapping paper I have ever seen. The video is a bit long for what it is but still!

7 thoughts on “Coca Cola: Open Happiness Gifts

  1. Very interesting advertising idea. I see they kept the brand advertising on the paper to a minimum, I wonder if as many shoppers would use if it was plastered with coca cola or another brand?

    1. It could totally depend on the brand I suppose, Coke themselves have nothing to do with wrapping paper but it works especially because it’s special, not sure if many brands could pull it off, they may have to be very loved brands!

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