Budweiser: Puppy Love Super Bowl Advert

I’ve not watched all the Super Bowl adverts that came out during the games but I haven’t really been overwhelmed by the ones I have watched! Apart from the puppy contribution from Budweiser. Apart from it being really cute, it works really well and is a sweet sentiment. I wouldn’t mess around with those horses! Haha

9 thoughts on “Budweiser: Puppy Love Super Bowl Advert

      1. There are some great ads out there that accomplish that, but for the life of me I can never tune in to what or who they are. They end up with a heart tugging ad that doesn’t sell their product. I like to call these clever but fruitless 😉

      1. Those are the Budweiser horses. They used to pull the carriages that they shipped the beer in. Their kind of iconic to the brand. For years those horses have been in a Super Bowl commercial for Budweiser. I think one I remember most was where one year the horses acted like a football team all in a huddle and then one held the ball and another trotted up and “kicked” it. Then some guy asks another “what are they doing now”, and he replies “working on their special teams”. But anyways, this was just a tug on the heart type commercial, i.e., cute puppies love Budweiser (horses) so you should love Budweiser (beer). Kind of plays on a underhanded sub-conciense level.


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