Super Bowl 2014 Commercials Round Up

Full Round up of the Super Bowl adverts!

Soda Stream: Sorry Coke and Pepsi

Find the rest of the Super Bowl ads after the jump, which is your fave?


Coca-Cola: Going All The Way

Coca-Cola: America is Beautiful

Kia: The Truth

Pepsi: There Since the First #Halftime

Toyota: Joyride with Terry Crews & the Muppets – I kind of wish this was longer!

Volkswagon: Wings

Hyundai: Nice

Hyundai: Dad’s Sixth Sense

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt – The Spill

T-Mobile: #NoContract P1

T-Mobile: #NoContract P2

AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War

MetLife: “National Anthem with Peanuts

Cherrios: Gracie

Squarespace – A Better Web Awaits

Jaguar: British Villains – who doesn’t love a bit of Tom Hiddleston?

Bud Light: Ian Up For Whatever

GoDaddy: Bodybuilder

Honda: #Hugfest

Audi: Doberhuahua

Budweiser: A Hero’s Welcome

Chobani: Bear

CarMax: Slow Clap

Doritos: Finger Cleaner

H&M – #Covered or #Uncovered?

Wonderful Pistachios: Stephen Colbert

Chevy: Romance

Heinz Ketchup: Hum

ButterFinger Cups: #CupTherapy

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