Cebu Pacific: Clever Pavement Stencil

Coming from Ogilvy and Mather for airline Cebu Pacific is more creative than the usual billboard or poster around town.

Billboards and posters may be biodegradable, but there is still the matter that there IS something to throw away. Now with stencils on pavements there’s none of that, they last for a few weeks and get washed away with the rain. I may do a post on these in the future, though none are as well thought out as this one.

Advertising tourism to the Philippines the stencil was spray painted on Hong Kong streets, and when it was done it was invisible. “What is the point of that?” you ask. Well, it was created to coincide with Hong Kong’s monsoon season. Created with a waterproof spray, the advert which claims “It’s sunny in the Philippines” only shows up when it’s raining!

Cebu Pacific stencil

Also incorporating a QR code for commuters to scan to bring up the latest flight details via the Cebu Pacific website, which obviously worked as it saw the campaign create 37% more traffic and people logging on to the site for discounted flights. [Via] Creative, AND an environmentally friendly advert, what more could you want?

One thought on “Cebu Pacific: Clever Pavement Stencil

  1. Reblogged this on thiskarmaspeaks and commented:
    I must say this is very smart advertising. Especially in parts of Asia that does see a lot of rain, I am wondering if Philippines tourism came up with the idea other parts in the world that does see a lot of rain.

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