STHLM Panda: Abused in Elevator

There are some ads, or social experiments as this one is, that you see that shock you into sharing. This is one of them. Created by STHLM Panda in Sweden using an elevator, a “couple” engages in a heated argument, leading to the man placing his hands on his partner, sometimes pushing her head to the wall or down towards the floor. But how many people would react to this happening in the elevator while they’re there? Would they step in and stop the harassment or look out for themselves and ignore the suffering of the poor woman? Ridiculously, out of 53 people who got in the elevator, only one, yes you read that right, ONE reacted. I am disgusted in the people who didn’t help, especially the woman who stated “at least let me get off first”. If this wasn’t a social experiment I think I’d be even more infuriated about it! Hopefully this social experiment will bring the same feeling to you and those who live in Sweden, who have the highest rate of harassment claims against women.

5 thoughts on “STHLM Panda: Abused in Elevator

  1. This is one of reasons I want to get into advertising. Sending serious messages are not limited to scary and impersonal television ads. This makes it more interactive and gives a real element to the issue that is not depicted in print or tv ads that I’ve seen against domestic abuse.

  2. Movies & TV display so much of this violence on a daily basis that people are starting to see it as everyday life & although they know it is wrong they feel when they say something they become a part of it. It is a sad way to live & unfortunately it is getting know better. Thanks for posting this, hiding from it is the worst thing we can do.

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