McCann Health: Stress Test Pencils

The Problem: We wanted to raise awareness of our agency’s capabilities among pharmaceutical executives and prospective clients.

The Idea: To show our expertise in the healthcare field, we decided to illustrate how effective our ideas can be to the end consumer. So, we sent prospective clients a heat sensitive pencil, which would change color when held if the person was stressed. This direct mail piece was proof that we could provide effective communication with an insightful end result.

Results: We sent pencils to regional healthcare professionals, which resulted in more than a 30% increase in annual new business acquisitions.

Clever use of thermochromic ink on an every day object, useful and memorable for the clients, who’ll then go on to show others their magic pencil


3 thoughts on “McCann Health: Stress Test Pencils

    1. They will have clients and contacts in the industry from working with them before so know who to send it to, and the correct address to make sure it gets to the right person, though it wasn’t be who did it, it was McCann Dubai and unfortunatley I don’t work for them 😛

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