Carlsberg: #ProbablyTheBest Poster

Best poster in the world? Carlsberg erected a billboard in Shoreditch, London near the Old Truman Brewery, that isn’t just a poster. It’s a poster that dispenses free beer. Queues were formed by passers by to line up for their free drink, probably some peoples second!

The good news is it may have disappeared from London streets but the company have said that it will be making its way around the country. The only thing they could have done better for me is be a little more inventive with the dispensing of the beer!

9 thoughts on “Carlsberg: #ProbablyTheBest Poster

  1. As a marketer, I like the creativity but respectfully, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to have beer out in public like that. I’m a live-and-let-live person, but some people could see it as an opportunity to get drunk, drive and hurt somebody. Maybe at least they could have someone out there monitoring who uses the beer tap or a video camera.

    1. I think they’ll have some staff there as they can’t allow underage people to use it – they just won’t show them in the video as they could look a little like they’re party poopers lol

      1. They probably limited the drink people had as well to allow more people to have a glass, and also be responsible for them going away and driving over the limit

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