Smart: Pop Up Billboards

“In the major cities the smart is unbeatable, when it comes to finding a parking space. This superiority is showcased by the “smart POP UP Billboards”. They don’t put the smart onto a poster, but rather the poster onto the smart. Straight into the real world. Throughout the city, where it currently shines with its skills, the “smart POP UP Billboards” give the uniqueness of the smart the perfect setting. Because the best ad for the smart is the smart.”

Great use of what’s available to the brand rather than placing them there. Clever and well thought out, when I visited Rome there was a lot of these, reverse parked in bays along side of roads. Fit perfectly it was a great advert without even the billboards, though these make it a clearer message! I would like to see some of these get out of those spaces though, some look rather packed in!

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