Marvel: Drone on Fire

I love Marvel. A lot. But this is just very lax for something with their name on. To promote the new Fantastic Four movie they created a drone, in the shape of the human torch and started flying it round. Cool right? Hmm bit more thought would have been better. They tried to copy this campaign from the 2012 film Chronicle but with fire. But while the Chronicle version worked, the Marvel one just falls flat. Because it was a closed small audience event whereas the previous one flew all round New York. I know it’s for safety reasons, but doing a live stunt for just some firefighters and posting a video of it just doesn’t have the same effect, at all.

4 thoughts on “Marvel: Drone on Fire

  1. I would have to agree that was pretty weak. I do however appreciate the sense of responsibility these people employed. Overall, there have to be better ways to promote the movie. This one failed.

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