Kristy Kreme: Worlds Tastiest Coupon

Introducing the World’s Tastiest Coupon: Real doughnut glaze, making a real barcode, that really scans. On 12/12, #DayOfTheDozens, you could present the above video on your mobile device at participating Krispy Kreme locations for 12 free Original Glazed doughnuts when you buy a dozen Original Glazed® doughnuts.

Hypnotic, and somehow feels like it’s unhealthy just to watch it, but clever coupon marketing in the 21st century!

Skoda: European Bike Stealing Championship

If you left a high quality bike unlocked in Amsterdam, Prague or Rome, which city would the bike be stolen in first? And how long would it take to happen? Skoda decided to test it out for the first European Bike Stealing Championship 2015 with their site We love Cycling. They brought along a band and confetti to to celebrate the thief!