Ad Pitch is an advertising blog covering the most creative aspects of advertising such as ambient, guerrilla, experiential, technology, interactive and sometimes the plain funny campaigns. I started the blog in April 2010 while I was still at uni to use as a place to keep the adverts I like online rather than my computer. I’ve kept it going ever since and I enjoy keeping it going and showing the best things I can find for anyone who reads

About Me:

My name’s Katie, I’m 24 and I love finding the interesting campaigns out there and posting them so more can see them and enjoy them and the ideas behind the campaign.

Traditional advertising, in my opinion has reached its peak and is not drawing in the audiences it was before. Experiential, Guerrilla, Ambient, Grassroots, whatever you want to call it (I personally like Guerrilla and Ambient) is the way forward and spark a connection with the audience that traditional fails at. Not many people get to experience these though, as is the nature of this section. But I hope to bring the best ones forward, along with a few creative traditional campaigns, also a mixture of the best social media campaigns out there.

If you see any interesting campaigns that I haven’t posted and you think are worthy, tell me! I will post them up on the site for others to see, and give you credit and link to your blog.

Tweet me at Ad Pitch Blog

I studied Graphic Design at uni but I love coming up with concepts for campaigns, check out my portfolio if you want: HERE and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Really, really glad WordPress put you on Freshly Pressed so that I could find your blog! I’m in the same field (marketing & advertising) and I love the examples you have of good and bad ads and social media.

  2. Hi! I am a budding advertising practitioner. And it is nice to see something like your blog! Thanks for collecting all the best campaigns and creative stuff here!

  3. Hi there! I don’t know how to email you or if I am even allowed to suggest to you, but check this out:

    What do you think about this ad? =D

  4. Just found your blog through wordpress’s recommended blogs. Those guys really know their stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Following

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