Heineken: The Jonah Lomu Machine

Heineken invited local fans to a special night out and placed a prize machine in the corner. Dispensing signed footballs by Jonah Lomu. What I like about it is the clues that he gives that he can see them, but none are quite sure what to make of it!

I don’t know my rugby. At all. I’m not going to lie. But I imagine this guy to be as famous as footballers are to football fans I bet it’s a big deal he was hiding out in a machine in their local pub!


Other great Heineken campaigns include Departure Roulette and Heineken Passport

Pepsi Max: Friend Finder

Two words: Technical Brilliance. Ever been to a festival and lost your friends? They can’t hear their phone ring because of the awesome music blaring out? You wander around for ages to try and find them and you miss out on good times searching. Well problem solved thanks to Pepsi Max! Pepsi Max created the Friend Finder drone to take you to them! I love the design of the drone, the screen wrapped around the drone not only gives you directions and points to your friend but it could also be used for special messages and if possible as little screens showing what’s on the stage

Pepsi are growing their technology collection, before this there was the Pepsi Max Time Tunnel and the Pepsi Max Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Blush Lingerie: Make Him Stand

What do you need to make people pay attention to your campaign. Money so you can put as many poster sites and billboards as possible and paste your image everywhere? or a simple but brilliant idea? I’d definitely say the latter. As proved by Blush Lingerie. All they required was a pack of $1.99 24pack 35ltr bin bags and free use of the air vents that frequent the American pavements

Also creates a brilliant new form of dancing

KitKat: The Break Machine

KitKat want you to slow down. Whether you’re on your way to an important meeting or just out shopping; you deserve a break. So they created The Break Machine. When someone sits down sensors started the machine counting down until you can have your KitKat as a reward for taking a break. But you have to wait a minute. It doesn’t seem lie a long time, but it can be enough to give you some you time

They’ve tried to give you a break before, see KitKat No Wifi Zone and KitKat Break Time Friday for proof

Zappos: #PayWithACupcake

Favourite campaign for a while! I love it when companies and brands play against each other. And one time Google was out in a truck trying to get people to try Google Photos by giving* them with free cupcakes. All was going well, people took a photo and got a free cupcake. What’s better than free cupcakes? Well things you can use like sunglasses, watches and bags maybe? So up walk Zappos. Literally. A Zappos box (not sure what else to call it!) walked right next to the cupcake mobile and waited for someone to #PayWithACupcake. These people didn’t know what they were going to get, but once they did they had a queue, even the person from the cupcake truck came over! Great work, now I say you’re turn Google!


If you missed the other great brand face off Audi VS BMW you have missed out! Check out the post here

Paranormal Activity: Open House

Paranormal Activity films are meant to be pretty scary, I wouldn’t know I don’t do scary films! But I do enjoy watching people GET scared by things. This one is a great example of a fun prank on unsuspecting people. The house from the first Paranormal Activity film was “put on the market” with the previous owners giving no reason why they left in short notice. The trusting house hunters are about to find out why they left! A bit of fun to start your Friday off!

If you enjoyed that then you’ll love these other prankvertising examples, like this haunted apartment which possibly inspired this version, this elevator prank, and this great coffee shop telekinesis prank.

Have a giggle to start your weekend!