Nivea: Doll

“Everybody knows that kids hate applying sun block. That’s why we created NIVEA DOLL, a toy that sunburns when exposed to UV rays. Kids learn the importance of skin care as they apply sun block on the doll to protect it.”

A very useful tool for parents on the beach to teach little ones about the importance of protection from the sun. I didn’t mind sun cream, but I used to go red as fast as the doll! Though they seem to be too late for the girl in the blue cossie at the very beginning of the video!

Fiat: Parking Assist Billboard

“We relocated the technology for the Fiat parking assistant outside the car by creating an interactive parking billboard: Different protagonists react to the cars in front of the parking spot and assist with parking. It shows how easy, stress-free and safe it is to park with the Fiat parking assistant.”

Clever, and a great use of technology. It’s about time billboards were helpful! I could probably do with one that would actually park the car though, I cannot parallel park for the life of me!

Johannesburg Zoo: Night Tour Shadows

A nice creative idea from Johannesburg Zoo, using shadows to advertise that they do tours at night, to see the animals you’d normally miss during the day. They’re almost like pieces of art in a gallery. The shadows also create a nice 3D effect too which just grabs your eye more than a 2D traditional poster.

Peruvian League Against Cancer: Shadow Wifi

Advertising agency Happiness Brussels teamed up with the Peruvian League Against Cancer to come up with ‘Shadow WiFi’ to raise awareness of skin cancer. The big block type things only emit wifi in the shadow, step out into the sun and you’re disconnected. Clever, but I feel the Peruvian League Against Cancer could have had a bit more presence in the video and blocks.

Powerade: Workout Billboards

“Powerade presents: the world’s first “Workout Billboards”. Billboards, which are an advertising and training machine at the same time. By using the ad you could prove directly: You have more power than you think!”

Powerade created 3 different workout billboards, rock climbing, weight lifting and not exactly sure that the other is called! If anyone knows the right words let me know! I’m glad they did the variety, it works a lot better than just doing the rock climbing one. Nice team work by the public too, especially the creative attempt at the end which made me laugh!

Smart: Pop Up Billboards

“In the major cities the smart is unbeatable, when it comes to finding a parking space. This superiority is showcased by the “smart POP UP Billboards”. They don’t put the smart onto a poster, but rather the poster onto the smart. Straight into the real world. Throughout the city, where it currently shines with its skills, the “smart POP UP Billboards” give the uniqueness of the smart the perfect setting. Because the best ad for the smart is the smart.”

Great use of what’s available to the brand rather than placing them there. Clever and well thought out, when I visited Rome there was a lot of these, reverse parked in bays along side of roads. Fit perfectly it was a great advert without even the billboards, though these make it a clearer message! I would like to see some of these get out of those spaces though, some look rather packed in!