Abraxas: Interactive Print Ad

When technology and traditional media meet it doesn’t always create a great result. They don’t work together equally and it can be hard to think up campaigns that bring them together harmoniously. SAB Miller’s Abraxas succeeded though! Putting your phone torch behind this special print in the magazine¬†allows you to see the advert, in pieces. It works so well, creating an intriguing look to the resulting image that you glance and put together in your mind, but also makes you feel like you’re discovering something

Evian: Spiderman Baby & Me

I don’t normally post this kind of advert on here, only when they’re awesome; like this one! This is Evian’s latest input for their Baby & Me adverts to promote healthy lifestyle. This time it’s using Spiderman, and a baby Spiderman to dance with! Obviously also to promote the new Amazing Spiderman 2 film but when the advert is as good as this I totally don’t mind! I’d love a whole range of Avengers one too please! Haha

I also love the thumb movement from baby Spiderman at the end. Genius.