Disney: Alice Digital Billboard

You’re wandering through Disneyland, having a great time with your family, meeting the characters and you see this Alice Through the Looking Glass Digital display. Cycling through the characters in the latest installment of the series. Then one of them starts moving. And talking. And even saying your name! This magic is because they had Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter live streaming direct to the display! Allowing Disneyland guests to interact with the actual Mad Hatter! It makes me wish I’d been in Disneyland that day!

Misereor: Social Swipe

Ever wanted to donate to charity but had no cash or change? No problem! Advertising agency Kolle-Rebbe have solved your predicament! Now you can swipe your credit card on this interactive advertisement and donate with a simple swipe. The video that plays once swiped is very pleasing and gives you a sense of actually doing more than just swiping your card – would have liked to see more versions though as there was only the two videos shown. Over 3000 Euros were made during the first month.

Kristy Kreme: Worlds Tastiest Coupon

Introducing the World’s Tastiest Coupon: Real doughnut glaze, making a real barcode, that really scans. On 12/12, #DayOfTheDozens, you could present the above video on your mobile device at participating Krispy Kreme locations for 12 free Original Glazed doughnuts when you buy a dozen Original Glazed® doughnuts.

Hypnotic, and somehow feels like it’s unhealthy just to watch it, but clever coupon marketing in the 21st century!

Heineken: The Jonah Lomu Machine

Heineken invited local fans to a special night out and placed a prize machine in the corner. Dispensing signed footballs by Jonah Lomu. What I like about it is the clues that he gives that he can see them, but none are quite sure what to make of it!

I don’t know my rugby. At all. I’m not going to lie. But I imagine this guy to be as famous as footballers are to football fans I bet it’s a big deal he was hiding out in a machine in their local pub!


Other great Heineken campaigns include Departure Roulette and Heineken Passport

Pepsi Max: Friend Finder

Two words: Technical Brilliance. Ever been to a festival and lost your friends? They can’t hear their phone ring because of the awesome music blaring out? You wander around for ages to try and find them and you miss out on good times searching. Well problem solved thanks to Pepsi Max! Pepsi Max created the Friend Finder drone to take you to them! I love the design of the drone, the screen wrapped around the drone not only gives you directions and points to your friend but it could also be used for special messages and if possible as little screens showing what’s on the stage

Pepsi are growing their technology collection, before this there was the Pepsi Max Time Tunnel and the Pepsi Max Unbelievable Bus Shelter