Advertising Chalk Drawings – Part 1

I recently posted the recent Dark Knight Rises 3D Chalk Drawing in Madrid for the premier of the film, at that point I didn’t know who the artist was, but now I’ve found it to be Julian Beever, an English chalk artist who does a lot of these drawings for brands and who features heavily in this post. These are not only works of art in their own right, but also great advertisements that take traditional further, while some incorporate a degree of interaction for consumers to take photo souvenirs away with them. I have included three main artists in this post so I’m going to group them into their works or art, then put the other random ones at the end. I haven’t included ALL the ones I have found, there are a lot of car ones and some I didn’t find as good as these or that they kind of felt like the same concept so I’ve just included my favourites, while doing it I realised it was going to be a huge post and I don’t like it when one post alone takes up the front page so I’m going to split it up, so this is part1. So we begin with:

Julian Beever

Olympic Torch Relay – Most recent one from Julian for the Olympic torch relay through Leicester


Sony Vaio

The Sun

Transformers – Not Entirely sure why he’s holding a Mountain Dew but hey ho

Virgin – One of my faves, that vault door looks awesome

Ballantines – Definitely makes an impression!

BT Infinity

Coca Cola – Brand fave

Daily Mail

DHL – Very clever concept

Make Poverty History

Part 2 on the way!

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